About Us

Salon Camden promotes urban discourse via intimate gatherings and other expressive platforms on subjects spanning art, culture, socio-economic issues, geopolitics and philosophy. Salon Camden was founded by Azmi Haq, Kevin Stolarik, Mahreen Haq and James Meers as an interactive modern day forum evoking the Parisian Salons of the 18th Century. In 2018 Noor Haq took over as Director of programming. Salon Camden is recognized as the Premier Canadian Salon inspiring a salon fervor in Toronto that has extended to TEDx TorontoBrama & Bluma Appel Salon, the Martin Prosperity InstituteToronto Literary Salon1837, Salon Voltaire and beyond. Since its inception, Salon Camden has held over 80 Salon dinners involving thousands of participants in interactive conversations covering the major issues of our time. In 2010 Salon Camden International was launched with events held in Bangalore, St. Petersburg, Montreal, Dubai, Tokyo and Abu Dhabi. In summer 2013 we will be starting Salon Camden in collaboration with X2 in Lahore Pakistan.


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