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September 23/2008
The Prosperity Agenda and Ontario’s Successful South Asians: 
The Importance of Social-Political and Economic Integration



Nestled on the fourth floor at the MaRS Centre, the Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) - a global think leader on the importance of creative economies and sub-national factors in prosperity - graciously offered its space for a collaborative MPI/Salon Camden chat with Dr. Sandeep Agrawal on the  topic of Indo-Canadians and integration in Ontario. 
As is Salon tradition, guests arrived to fill MPI's halls with respective wine favourites in hand. MPI's futuristic and magical space - a fusion of Toronto brick antiquity with glass and technological modernity  - captured the imagination and inspired the flow of conversation and thought amongst the diverse Toronto-based crowd which included academics, architects, consultants, business entrepreneurs, and students.
In his talk, Dr. Agrawal discussed the findings of his recent Indo-Canadian study suggesting that there is a growing disproportionate prosperity gap in Ontario between Indian newcomers and Canadian-born counterparts that leaves too many foreign-trained professionals behind.
The salon was the first of a two-part series on the issue of Ontario's Prosperity Agenda and South Asians.

Gen Meers and Andrei Sedofff

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